Friday, October 19, 2012

Things My Husband Says

Ryan has said a few things lately that warranted a look and a, "Did you really just say that to your pregnant wife?"

The first was when I offered him a second helping of dinner.  I figured after a long 12 hours at work, he might want some extra grub.

He responded by saying, "No, thanks.  I'm trying to watch what I eat."

Hmm.  Noted.

And just last night he was admiring himself in the mirror when he said aloud, "I'm amazed I haven't worked out in a month and I still look like this."

Yes.  It is truly amazing.  Ya a-hole.

It's a good thing he's cute.

**Update: I would like to stress that this was meant to be silly and funny.  Yes, Ryan said these things but my feelings were not hurt at all by any of it.  We laughed about his comments together.  He has been nothing but supportive and encouraging throughout this pregnancy - especially to the changes that are happening to the old bod.

Take Luck,


  1. Bahaha! I can picture the Scary, dirty look you gave him. :)

  2. Ha! This made me giggle. Oh, men.

  3. your belly is soooo cute! he sounds pretty funny. haha.


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