Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

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[1] Remember when you would play Monopoly and you would get the Community Chest Card: "Bank Error in Your Favor - Collect $200"?  Well, that sort of happened to me today in the form of "Babies R Us Error in Your Favor - Collect Baby Monitor."  It was sort of awesome.

[2] There is a disturbing sign in a stall of the women's bathroom at work - a vertical banner with the ABC's for Success.  It is totally awkward and I intentionally avoid this stall at all costs so I don't have to read "R - Relax and go with the flow" while trying to pee.  #strangebathroomhumor

  [3] I feel my sleep habits changing and I don't like it. Normally, I fall asleep instantly (anytime and anywhere) and sleep like a rock.  But in the past few weeks I have found myself unable to get comfortable and my mind is just racing.  Racing about school, racing about baby preparation, and racing about the need to stop racing and sleep.  Something tells me this is all just going to get worse.

[4] I have a cruddy cold and am ready for it to vacate.  My attempt to drowned it with lemon ginger tea was a failure.

[5] Not only do I love October for the onset of crisp, fall weather, but it's also the start of MLB postseason play.  The St. Louis Cardinals are in it again this year and I am super pumped about that.  However, I may or may not be ready for some other channel to be displayed on our television.  Really, anything other than MLB Network will do.

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