Sunday, June 11, 2017

Cam at 4.5

Seriously, I swear he just turned 4 and now six months have passed.  He's officially closer to 5 than 4!  Just ask him because he will proudly tell you that his birthday is "really soon."  Why does 5 seem so much older than 4?  I feel like I'm constantly telling him to stop growing and that I want him to stay my little buddy forever.  He laughs at me (literally) and just keeps on growing and becoming more awesome.

- Favorite shows are Blaze, Paw Patrol, Wild Kratts, PJ Masks, and Bubble Guppies

- Favorite movies are How to Train Your Dragon, Wreck it Ralph, Trolls, Moana, and Incredibles

- Loves to "bake cookies" with me but is mostly only interested in measuring and stirring ingredients

- Loves to read out address numbers on houses and buildings

- Tells me everyday after naps and bedtime, "Look how big I am!"  As if I didn't notice.

- Can tell you his full name, birthdate, and address

- Knows what continent, country, state, and city we live in

- Can count to 100

- Is mildly obsessed with volcanoes and hot lava, going on hikes, bowling, hitting in the front yard, and saying the word "butt"

- Calls his penis a "peanut"

- Becomes a philosophical pooper every night at bedtime.  Anything to delay to inevitable bedtime - including "needing to check the weather"

- Asks for chocolate milk and blueberry muffins everyday for breakfast

- Played his first season of YMCA basketball for Coach Aaron and the Purple Monsters

- Played his second season of YMCA soccer for Mommy and Daddy and the Blue Dragons

- Loves to go swimming and to gymnastics when we can squeeze it in

- Loves to ride his "bike with training wheels" and his "scooter with no training wheels"

- Will complete his second year of preschool next week.  One more year and then he'll be off to Kindergarten

- Is the cuddliest cuddle bug.  He loves to climb in our bed

- Hasn't slept past 6am in I don't even know how long.  Every morning he comes in and says "Mommy is it time to wake up yet?" and when I say "no," he responds with "but I'm ready to be awake."

- Now has two dogs - Coco (because we said he couldn't name her "Hot Chocolate") and Raph (because his love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles runs deep)

- Went to Disneyland and Michigan for the second time

- His favorite people in the world are Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, Papa, Ray Ray, Chris, and Uncle Joshy.

An interview update:

Favorite color: Teal
Favorite movie: The Incredibles
Favorite TV show: Blaze
Favorite animal: Elephant
Favorite book: Volcanoes
What do you want to be when you grow up?: Astronaut and a baseball player
Who is your best friend?: Matthew and Sebastian
What's your favorite thing to learn about in school?: Airplanes
Favorite food: Mac & cheese
Favoriate drink: Chocolate milk and juice
Favorite activity: Hitting outside
Favorite song: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme song
Favorite thing about yourself: I'm a good dancer

This boy has no idea how special he is to us.  He is loved beyond measure.

Take Luck,

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