Monday, June 12, 2017

Camden Says / 09

It's been way too long since I documented my smart and funny guy.  So, here goes:

- Anytime he toots: 
"Oh, that was a good one!"

- Protector of his baby sister from Max the ferocious daycare kitty cat:
Me: Did Max scratch Zoey?
Cam: (outraged) Yes!  Max tried to kill my baby!
Me: Oh, buddy.  I don't think he tried to do that.
Cam: I told her she's OK.  She is not dead.

- Not quite grasping the concept of his behavior/reward system:
Cam: Mommy, you're my hero!
Me: Awww, buddy that is so sweet!
Cam: Does that deserve a ticket?

- Getting coffee one morning:
Cam: I don't like coffee
Me: That's OK.  You'll probably drink it someday.
Cam: Some day when I'm a mommy?

- Learning respect:
Me: Please put your shoes on, bud.
Cam: Ay-yi Captain (with salute)

- Talking about church:
Cam: What's church?
Me: Where people go to worship Jesus or whoever they believe in.
Cam: Where's Jesus?
Me: Where do you think he is?
Cam: Chuck E. Cheese?

- Learning to read through the lines:
Cam: When we get home can I watch red commercial (YouTube Kids) on Daddy's iPad?
Me: We'll talk about it when we get home
Cam: (long pause) Does that mean yes?

- Started a story with "... when I was a little girl on Christmas Eve..."

- Protecting baby sister from small objects:
Cam: (takes toy from Zoey) Zoey!  Do not put this in your mouth!  Because it is called a choking hazard!

- Calls our neighborhood "neighbor's hood."

- Calls bandits "bandaids."

- Learning to use words to express feelings.
Me: (seeing that he is emotional and not feeling well) What's wrong, buddy?
Cam: I just want some privacy

- Told me how tow trucks use "hookers" to help cars out of the ditch.

- Learning the joys of having a little sister:
Cam: Mommy...
Zoey: Mommy!
Cam: Um, mommy...
Zoey: Mommy!
Cam: Zoey!  Stop erupting me!

- Still needs help wiping his bottom after #2:
Cam: Mommy, I'm done!
Me: (enters bathroom) woah, stinky!
Cam: It was me

- Getting in touch with his Christian roots and spelling out the letters in our last name:
Cam: P-E-the cross of Jesus-E-R-S

- Talking about bodily functions:
Cam: When you drink all of your water or milk then you have to pee pee from your peanut

- Defining an emergency:
Cam: What's an emergency?
Me: When something happens and you need help right away!
Cam: Like if you're on fire?

- Tooting etiquette:
Cam: (toots)
Me: Excuse you!
Cam: I didn't toot, Mommy!  It was just air coming out of my bottom

- Learning that we don't have time for Zoey tantrums:
Zoey: (throws herself on the floor in a fit)
Cam: That's OK, Zoey.  You go ahead and do that.

Take Luck,

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