Monday, December 14, 2015

Cam & Zoey Meet Santa

I put my brave and patient pants on last week and took the kids down to see Santa at the mall.

Based on last year's experience, I did what I usually do and set my expectations really, really low.  I have to be honest when I say that I get a kick out of the "crying kid with Santa" picture, but something told me there wouldn't be tears from Cam this year.  I didn't know what Zoey would do/think.  Given her recently increasing "stranger danger," I thought she might be the one to lose it.

Instead, Zoey smiled like she does and Camden was content to sit next to the nice Santa and put his hand on his leg.  In his mind, smiling would have just been going overboard.

It's certainly not the greatest picture ever, but it'll be a nice memory down the road.

Cam told Santa he wanted "Thomas" for Christmas and thanked him for the sucker and "Cookies for Santa" plate (that he promptly threw on the ground.

Here's to more traditions and only semi-tramautizing your kids.

Take Luck,

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