Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Zoey - 3 Months

Another month.  Time sucks.  Wah, wah, wah.

- At three months, I think she weighs around 11 pounds. 

- Still a very content and happy baby.  Unless she's overtired or hungry.

- Her eyes are staying dark - I think they'll be a dark hazel or brown.  She's still quite bald but I think some hair is starting to sprout back on the top.

- She is trying to roll over but gets stuck on her side.  Darn.

- Wears 0-3 month and some 3 month clothes (although they are quite big still).

- Sleeps excellent (and through the night) one night and then craptastic the next (meaning she needs soothing and her pacifier several times).  I partially blame this on her trying to roll over, but Lord knows that infant sleep is unpredictable and it's likely she just plays with my sleep-emotions because she can.  Just last night she slept from 6:55pm-6:25am and I danced a happy dance.

- Naps are slowly improving.  She's still a super light napper and will sleep anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours (or more). Takes three naps during the day and then a little cat nap before bed.

- She started daycare on Monday and I shed about 6,000 tears over it.  I took her out of her car seat on the first day to find a total diaper explosion.  It even got on my sweater so in a (totally disgusting) way, I carried a bit of her with me to work.

- Sister loves to coo and "talk" and even giggles a tiny bit, but only for Mommy.

- She is ticklish.  So ticklish.  Her sides, her feet, and her neck/upper chest are all super sensitive.

- Took her first airplane rides and did phenomenal.  The real test will be the six hour flight to Honolulu next weekend.

- Met her three great-grandparents, Aunt Cara, Uncle Ryan, cousins Liam and Rory (who is about 5 weeks older!), and many other aunts and uncles.

You know I can't leave without some comparisons.

Take Luck,

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