Friday, January 6, 2012

Homeward Bound

You may (or may not) recall that I watched some emotion-charged movies that made me weepy.  The difference between that and this experience I am about to share, is that then - I knew what I was getting myself into.

Yesterday, an oldie but goodie Netflix came in the mail.

Yep, Homeward Bound.

I watched this movie countless times when I was younger.  Who doesn't love talking animals?  I asked Ryan if he was interested in watching it with me - and shockingly enough, he wasn't.  I went in the bedroom to curl up with my puppies and relive some childhood memories.

I soon realized that Chance (voiced by Michael J. Fox) is a boxer.  I guess I had never really paid much attention to the breed of dog he was before, and now that we own a boxer - I was surprised and even more excited to watch the movie!

It didn't take long for me to be laughing out loud at the behavior/personality of Chance, but especially the voice-over and the things that Chance/Michael J. Fox was saying.  I was laughing because I could totally see Brock acting, speaking (if he could speak, ha!) or thinking like Chance.

Well.  The laughing out loud quickly turned into a huge lump in my throat, and every time Chance would do/say something that reminded me of Brock - my chin would quiver, the lump would rise, and tears would well up in my eyes.

At the rate I was going - I knew that I needed to totally fast forward through the (almost) end when Shadow falls into the muddy hole.

I made it to the end.  When all are reunited.

Commence ugly crying, lip and chin quivering, and both Brock and Sonny looking at me like I was a blubbering lunatic.


At that point I was really happy that I was watching this sans Hubby - because I would have never lived this moment down.

After I regained some composure, I came out into the living room all sniffle-y with tear soaked cheeks, said, "I'm never watching this movie again," and made a mental note to add Homeward Bound to my list of tear jerkers.

Take Luck,

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  1. Oh, I'm with you on the emotional impact this movie has. Cry every time!

    By the way, I tagged you in a post!!


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