Sunday, October 30, 2011

Real Life

Today while cruising the blog-circuit, I came across a new blog.

The blog is by a woman in Florida who has her own photography business, loves cute shoes, and has a couple of kiddos.  The youngest of kiddos gave the couple a surprise upon delivery, and was born with Down Syndrome.

As I was reading, and the woman was sharing the birth story and pictures  of precious moments after birth, Ryan happened to peek over and see a picture of the new baby (who is now one year old).

I started to tell him about what I had previously read - this woman was all excited (duh) to have a new baby.  But as soon as the baby was delivered - she knew something was wrong.  No one else seemed to notice the glaring physical characteristics that were screaming, "Down Syndrome."  She said she felt like this wasn't her baby.  She felt like she wanted to run away from it.

My dear Hubby's response was, "That's depressing. Why are you reading that?"

My answer was simple, "It's real life."

It got me thinking about some of the other blogs I follow.  I follow some true and "real life" friends, but a lot of the blogs I faithfully read are written by women that I have never met.  And likely, never will meet.

So why on earth do I follow them?

I follow some of these ladies because they blog about real life.  They blog about marriage and the work it requires, motherhood and raising kids, adoption, balancing work and a family, and a number of other things.

Most of these women don't sugar-coat it.  They tell it like it is - whether it is pretty, ugly or everything in between.

That honesty is something I have really grown to respect and appreciate.

Life is not clean and pretty.  It is often messy and hard.

I am inspired by all these women.  In different ways, of course.

It amazes me to see not only the cards they are dealt, but how they play their hands.

Take Luck,

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