Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Kids Say - New Baby Edition

The big kids are beyond excited that their baby brother is finally here.  With his arrival has come lots of questions and funny conversations.

- After seeing me at home for the first time after Wyatt's birth:
Cam: (patting my tummy) Mommy why is your belly still so fat?
Me: (giving Cam the death stare)
Cam: ... I mean big?

- After seeing me in my post-birth mesh undies:
Zoey: Why are you wearing a diaper?

I thought it was funny that they didn't really notice or care too much when I nursed Wyatt the first few times.  But then...

- Zoey: Are you feeding him with your booties?

- Cam: What is he eating?
Me: Milk
Cam: How do you make the milk?
Me: My body knows that I'm not pregnant anymore and so it started making milk - it's my superpower!
Cam: (head exploding at the thought of his Mommy having a legit superpower) Wow.  Wouldn't it be cool if your nipples shot out poisonous water and killed bad guys?!
Me: Actually yes, buddy.  That would be awesome.

- Getting ready to go to soccer practice and Cam was very concerned with how I would feed the baby while at the field.
Cam: But how are you going to feed him?
Me: The same way I do at home.
Cam: But Mom, nobody wants to see your boobs.

Take Luck,

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