Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Weekend of Epic Proportions

Have you ever had a trip or adventure planned that you built up in your mind to be totally amazing, only to have it fall short?

Yeah, this past weekend in St. Louis was the exact opposite.  It was the weekend of epic proportions.  I almost feel that I need to go all Harry Potter on you and break this recap into two parts.  But, I won't do that.  I don't have time for two parts!

Ever since we booked our tickets to St. Louis for my college roommate, Becky's wedding, I've been talking (mostly with Tiff) about how amazing the weekend would be.  Our class was super close all through our four years at SIU, and it hadn't been since Krystal's wedding in 2008 that we were ALL together.  And since then, three of us have had babies.  Seeing my best gal pals and introducing future Salukis?!  How could it not be a reunion for the history books?

I was very nervous about flying with Camden by myself, but my little love crushed my (low, very low) expectations.  I should've known he would be a little traveling champ.

My sister-in-law, Cara, was kind enough to let us crash at their house, yet again.  Seriously, you should be jealous that she's my sister-in-law and not yours.  She. Is. The. Best. Ever.  Did I mention that she invited my best friend and her little family to stay with her as well and that it was practically a giant slumber party?! Yep.  And she also bought matching jammers for Liam, Camden, and Huck.  Seriously, this woman is a saint.

Since we were only in St. Louis for 48 hours, Ryan elected not to join.  And I didn't blame him.  Luckily, my little love stepped up and was my fashionable date to the wedding.

(And that bow tie?  There are no words.)

After the ceremony, it was picture time.  The babies were not going to be attending the reception, so we had to document this future-Saluki-reunion while we could.

Between naps and before the reception, we put Camden and Huck in the cutest little matching outfits that my mom bought - sweatsuits that had Levi's overalls printed on them.  So adorable.  But not as adorable as the little baby hand holding that was going on during our little photo shoot.

My sister-in-law and mother-in-law were amazing enough to watch Camden and Huck while we went back to the reception.  Cara kept us updated with texts and pictures, that I know both Tiff and I really appreciated.  We knew they were in excellent care, but it was still comforting to know that they weren't melting down or setting the house on fire during their "boy's night out."

The wedding was so beautiful.  Becky is one of the most creative people I know - and you could tell she put so much thought and effort into the details.  She was a beautiful and glowing bride, and I know that she and her new hubby are going to be very happy together.

We ate, we danced and we sang, but we mostly just sat at our table and caught up with one another.

I can't really put into words what these girls mean to me.  We practically lived and breathed together for four years, and it truly felt like we picked up where we left off in 2008.  Our head coach couldn't make it to the wedding, so we made sure we sent her a picture of what she was missing out on.

I can't be certain, but I bet she was really bummed.

At times I thought I must've been out of my frigging mind to travel with Camden, by myself, all that way, for a 48 hour trip.  But the fact that he had the opportunity to spend time with his grandparents and great-grandparents, his aunts and uncles, his cousin, his "aunties," and his future best buddies, makes me feel sort of frigging genius.

I will remember this trip always.

(To see non-iPhone pictures and to hear more about our trip, check out Tiffanie's blog.  You won't be sorry.)

Take Luck,

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