Friday, March 22, 2013

Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Brochiolitis, and an Ear Infection

The past three weeks in this house have been filled with pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, and an ear infection.

Ryan brought it home first and was treated for pneumonia.

Camden and I stood no chance against the crud.

Did I mention this all happened the weekend before my first day back at work?

Baby started coughing first, and I soon followed.  Then came the congestion.  Multiple trips to the doctors office for the both of us indicated bronchitis for mama and bronchiolitis for Cam.

I have to say that taking care of a sick baby while being sick myself is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.  I know all the mama's out there are nodding their heads and saying, "Amen, sister."

Camden and I spent a lot of quality time in the steamy bathroom - most of which was in the middle of the night - when he'd wake himself up from being so congested.

Poor fella.

The Nosefrida was an absolute life saver.  Repeat, life saver.

He seemed to be on the mend until I noticed he was tugging at his left ear quite a bit.  And when I say quite a bit, I really mean - his little chubby hand was practically glued to it.

The low grade fever and increase in fussiness sent us back to the doctor's office where our favorite pediatrician confirmed an ear infection.  She gave me kudos on my decision to bring him in and for having a baby that could tell us his ear was hurting at such a young age.

Gee, thanks doc.

For now, things are looking up.  I'm still trying to kick the crud and I can confidently say that Camden is improving every day.  His sweet, heart melting smiles are coming out more and more.

Now if only he'd go back to sleeping through the night...
Take Luck,

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  1. That picture of him hammin' up in the mirror is quite possibly my favorite Camden photo yet. So darn cute!


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