Thursday, March 28, 2013


Breastfeeding is hard.

The whole experience has been fairly smooth for us and it's still hard.

Since returning back to work and pumping while away from Camden, I've felt that my supply has somewhat decreased.  In an effort to get my supply back up, I've been doing things like pumping after feeding him, drinking even more water (which I didn't think was possible), and taking the supplement fenugreek.

Before taking fenugreek I had talked to our favorite doula, Laura, and a friend of mine, Kara.  Both of them told me it's possible that fenugreek could make me smell like maple syrup.

My response was - there are worse things to smell like.

I had been taking the supplement for a few days when one night, I hugged Ryan goodnight.  He knew I was taking this supplement but I had not mentioned this possibly smelly side effect.

After our hug he gave me a very puzzled look and said, "You smell like pancakes."

I started laughing and asked, "You mean maple syrup?"

With a look of amazement he replied, "Yes!"

Oh, boy.  So, smelling like maple syrup isn't so much a possibility in my case - but a certainty.  Lovely.

It has become a little joke between us now.  At least once a day he tells me (with a sly little smile), "You smell like pancakes."

I'm not sure I'll ever look at those delectable breakfast flapjacks in the same way again.

Take Luck,

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