Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This Weekend...

A tad late, but here I am nonetheless.

This weekend we got a gas insert installed to our previously super-crummy fireplace.  You bet your booty that I broke out in a very-pregnant-lady happy dance.  The puppies were looking at both me and the fireplace with serious concern.

This weekend I got Brock in the Christmas spirit.  Against his will.

This weekend we spent 30 minutes picking out the perfect Christmas tree.  And I had on flip flops.  Not the brightest idea I've had.

This weekend I decorated our tree with direction from Clark, who kept insisting that I put more ornaments on the tree and even suggested we run out for some tinsel.  This man has the fever.  I draw the line at tinsel.

This weekend my favorite newly-engaged-world-travelers came over and shot some video for our pregnancy video.

This weekend we went and saw the production of Annie at a local community theater.  There was one actress that Rachel and I completely agreed was a Brittany S. Pierce doppelganger... Just not as fortunate in the dancing or coordination department.

This weekend I hit 38 weeks in my pregnancy.  Less than two weeks to go, people!  I cannot wait to meet this baby boy.  And decide on his name.

Take Luck,

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  1. Already at 38 weeks?! Yay! So excited for you and Clark. ;)

    Love the tree, lady!


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