Friday, February 10, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

Friday, here at last!  Time to fill in some blanks with Lauren!

[1] I started my blog because I enjoy writing, and it allows me to look back on our life and experience stories all over again.

[2] One thing I love seeing on other blogs is honesty in stories.  Life isn't always clean, pretty, and fields of daisies.  I like to read stories that are real.

[3] Something I love about blogging is being able to be me, say what I think and feel (no matter how drenched in sarcasm), and just put it all out there.  I also love that I can share stories about my funny Hubby that can be used for blackmail someday.

[5] Something my friends in real life know about me what I've never before mentioned on my blog is I moved 2,500 miles away from home to play softball at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  I know I've said that I went to school and played ball there, but I don't think I explicitly said how far away from home I moved. 

[6] My new favorite blogs to read are  Pregnant Chicken, Tiny Twig Goes Out on a Limb, and Bleubird Vintage.

[7] Some things I tend to avoid doing on my blogs are being overly negative, rambling, and complaining.  Sometimes that doesn't work out so well.

Happy weekend everyone!
Take Luck,

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  1. Loved reading your post. I'm a new follower. Stopping by from The Little Things We Do Link Up. Have a great weekend!


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