Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Monday

What better way to start off the week than letters with Megan!

Well, I started writing this post on Monday (yesterday), but our internet totally crapped out on me.

So here goes nothing - Dear Monday letters on Tuesday!!

Dear Monday, It amazed me how you were smooth and calm until I got off work.  Then the craziness began.

Dear Camo-Jacket-Wearing-5am-Walker, You are an idiot.  If I had hit you, I think I would have had a perfectly good explanation.

Dear Super Bowl Commercials, I wasn't overly impressed with you but I did enjoy Honda's Ferris Bueller spoof, Fiat's Abarth and the Sketcher's French Bulldog.

Dear Internet, Of all nights, you chose last night to crap out.  I wasn't trying to watch class or anything.  Only thinking of yourself.  Sheesh.

Dear System Engineering Professor, I find it crazy to think what Washington State University is paying you to sit and read to a bunch of graduate students for two and a half hours.  Maybe that's why our tuition prices went up so high.

Dear Pregnant Chicken, You just may be my new favorite blog/website.  You make me laugh.  Hard.

Dear Ryan, The other night while I was watching a DVR'd Glee episode, I swear you came down with a case of Turrets.  "He sounds like a girl." "This is awful." "Oh, sorry." "I love Michael Jackson's music." "She's really good." "Do they sing the entire episode?" "This is lame." "Ok, I'll be quiet."  Geesh.  Either Turrets set in or you reverted back to being 4-years old.  I'm not quite sure.

Even though it's now Tuesday, wishing everyone a great week!!

Take Luck,

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  1. I haven't been watching Glee this season, but I make my Ryan watch Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family every Monday. (It's a guilty pleasure) He does the same thing as your Ryan! After this Monday's episode, he vowed to take his weekly overnight business trips on Mondays so I don't subject him to PLL anymore. Sounds good to me! I can watch my teeny bopper show in peace! ;-)


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