Monday, August 29, 2016

Camden Says / 08

Time for another edition of Camden Says.

- Talking about trees.
Cam: What do trees give us?
Me: They give us fresh air, shade, and they are beautiful!
Cam: Yeah, they give us air, shade, and cookies!

- Shot a hole in one while putt-putting and called it a "one and a half."

- Fell off his bike, hurting his tummy, hand, and knee and said, "Dear Jesus, please help my tummy feel better."

- Calls the car wash, "wash car."

- Talking about celebrating Zoey's birthday and he said, "she stole my birthday?!"

- Trying to get Zoey to talk
Me: Zoey can you say, "mama," "dada," "bubba," "papa"?
Cam: Zo Zo can you say "dinosaur"?!

- When facing an injury
Cam: (hits his head) Ouch, I broke my forehead!

- Asks for "fresh cold water"

- Responds to things with "whaaat?!"

- Also responds to things with "ohhhh, that's a good idea, Mommy!"

- A bird laid some eggs in a nest at my parents' house.  The eggs hatched and my mom asked Cam what they should name of the birds.  He said "America."

- Calls the airport, "ore-port."

- Calls headphones, "ear pluggers."

- Becoming a home-body
Cam: I don't want to go to Ms. Debbie's. I want to go back home.
Me: Why not, buddy?
Cam: Because I like my Daddy.  I love him.

- Naming the planets
Me: Uranus
Cam: Ur-a-anus

- Accidentally steps on my foot.
Me: ouch!!
Cam: Oh, I'm sorry Mommy!
Cam: I forgive you.

- Climbs on a chair and stands on it
Me: You need to get down, bud.
Cam: But Mommy.  I want to be the Statue of Wiberty (Liberty)

- Talking about the weather
-Cam: It's not raining!
Me: I know!  It's supposed to be a beautiful day!
Cam: Thank you, Jesus for bringing us the sun!
Cam: Jesus says, "you're welcome."

- I hear straining and grunting coming from the bathroom
Me: You doing OK in there, bud?
Cam (straining) I'm doing great!

- Encouraging him to change into nicer clothes for Rachel's graduation party
Me: We're going to a party so we should look nice.
Cam: But Mommy! They will like my Ninja Turtle shirt because it's nice and cool and cozy!

- Called kayaking, "kay-cocking"

- Calls Trader Joes, "the store with the baby carts."

Take Luck,

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