Monday, June 1, 2015

40 Weeks

Broken record alert.  I swear I never thought I would reach 40 weeks in this pregnancy.

I don't even know what a jackfruit is, but I can tell you this jackfruit sized baby is taking up all sorts of room and making this mommy all sorts of uncomfortable.

These last few weeks have truly drug on like I didn't know possible.  As ready and excited as I am to have this baby, I hope I don't look back on this time and feel regret for wishing it away.  

At my 40 week appointment this morning, I was encouraged to hear that I had made a smidgen more progress in dilation and effacement.  Because I'm now passed my due date, my OB checked fluid levels and they were OK, but not fantastic.  She also expressed some concern over my platelet count so we have a midnight appointment to check into our hospital's labor and delivery for an induction.

While a little nervous about waltzing into the hospital to announce, "Hello, I'm here for my midnight induction..." I'm also ecstatic to know that the end is near and soon (or soon-ish) I will be holding a squishy little ladybug in my arms.  And have two kids.

Feeling all the the feelings.

After my appointment I went to Target to get some essentials (mostly milk and snacks for Camden), treated myself to a trip through the Panera drive-thru, came home and wrapped up work (therefore officially starting my maternity leave), and have been busying myself with cleaning the house and making sure everything is as organized as it can possibly be.

I'll be picking my Cammy up from daycare shortly and you can bet your booty I'll be holding and kissing that little man cub as much as I possibly can until his bedtime.  He'll be having a slumber party with Grammy and Papa (my parents) and has no idea that tomorrow he will get to meet his little sister.

Feeling all the feelings for suuuuuuuure.

Wish me luck.

Take Luck,

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