Friday, June 7, 2013

My Mama Heart

My mama heart is full.

It's full of about 90% happiness and 10%... well, you know - big-ugly-crying-face-where-the-hell-did-the-last-(almost!)-six-months-go-and-why-is-my-baby-growing-up-so-fast sadness?!!!

These last two weeks especially have been full of milestones for our little man child.  And while all of these milestones are exciting and make me happy to know that he's growing and thriving... I can't help but feel a giant heap of sadness too.

I know I am not the first mama to feel this way - and certainly not the last.  But I would just like to say touché to everyone that told me how fast this all goes.

They.  Weren't.  Kidding.

In the past two weeks, Camden has decided that just laying and playing on the floor is boring.  Army crawling and scooting all about the living room is much more fun.

(That wasn't where I left him)

Around this same time, we thought we'd try giving him some rice cereal - just to see what he'd do.

Big fail.

Poor guy knew how to get it off the spoon but was pretty clueless how to 1) keep it in his mouth and 2) get it into the back of his mouth.

(I'm actually very OK with him not being ready for solids).  Shocking, right?

And finally, after a couple weeks of teething and watching his poor little baby gums get puffier and puffier...

His two bottom teeth poked on through on Tuesday while I was at work.

And, by the grace of God or other deity - Tuesday night he slept entirely through the night for the first time.  No matter that it hasn't happened again since.

So, you see what I mean?!  Change and progress is rampant in this household.

Just yesterday I messaged a friend about taking some 6-month pictures of Camden.  She is pretty busy this month and it won't work out (due to poor planning on my part) - so I suggested planning to take some around his 1st birthday... And I'm pretty sure I threw up in my mouth after I realized what I had just typed.

I'll be interested (OK, afraid) to see just how divided my mama heart is between happiness and big-ugly-crying-face-sadness when his 1st birthday comes.

Take Luck,


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  1. It's incredible to watch him grow and change so quickly. He is the happiest baby --- so curious, and of course I'm sure he's a genius. Yes it sure all goes by so quickly.. so you definitely need to enjoy every single minute.


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