Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Exciting Change

An exciting change is coming my way.  I am excited (duh, I've said some form of 'excite' three times now) to say that I have accepted a new/different job.  I'll still be working at the same place, just within a different division of my current department.

Without going into too much detail, I can say that I'll be taking on an entirely different role.

I will be taking on a ton more responsibility, be challenged, and have the opportunity to travel internationally.  And trust me, these places are much more exciting than Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Groton, Connecticut, and even Bonita Springs, Florida.

This job opportunity first came up back in October, and at the time - I was totally pumped to make the change.  I was confident that it was the right move for me to make, had "broken the news" to my supervisor and project lead (I must admit - they kind of like me), and mentally prepared to leave the team I loved and had been working with for the past two-plus years.  There was really no doubt in my mind. 

Of course, due to requirements and regulations set forth by the intern program* that I'm currently in - I had to sit tight and wait until I graduated... And hope that the job was still available come June.
*I have a post solely dedicated to my experience as an intern brewing for you in the ol' noggin'.  So hang tight, friends.
The job offer resurfaced a few weeks ago, and my mind was far from made up.  I started having serious doubts about which was the right place to be.  I really do love the people I currently work with, and while the actual job/work is far from challenging or interesting - I'm good at it, and in three years time I have become a semi-expert on the subject (scary).

It wasn't about the money, either.  I wish it would have been because I'm sure that would have made my decision easier.

My current supervisor (who I have grown to like a lot) gave me totally unbiased advice and said, "Don't let them pressure you into going.  But don't let us guilt you into staying."

They totally had me on the guilt.  There are three people in my group (some of my favorites, no less) who have invested a lot of time and knowledge in me, and I was/am so worried about disappointing them.  They all understand and are supportive, of course.  But still!

I went and talked to the intern career field manager about my predicament, too.  She recently accepted a new job, herself - so I knew she would probably have similar feelings.

Like my supervisor, she gave me totally unbiased advice and said, "Flip a coin."  After I laughed at her, she continued to explain.  She said, "Heads you stay, tails you go.  If it's heads and you feel disappointed - you know you should go.  If it's tails and you feel excited - you know you should go, too.  Your heart will tell you what you really want."

She was right.

So, I have three weeks left in my current group.  It is weird to know that I'm leaving soon, but I'm very excited for the change, the challenge, and to be in a group that has a true plan and vision for me.  And maybe I'll be able to share some awesome trip adventures along the way.

Perhaps, Amsterdam this fall?

We shall see, friends.

Take Luck,


  1. You always want to go w/your heart.. your heart always knows best. The world is your oyster Baby. Go for it.

  2. Wow! Sounds like an amazing opportunity and like you made the right decision. I will be interested to see all the places you will get to go.


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