Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pet Peeves

It is no secret that I have pet peeves... Just like everyone else. Sure, I have some odd ball things that irk me, but don't we all?

I don't get on Facebook too often, and when I did today - I was immediately reminded as to why my logins are getting few and far between.

I cannot stand people who share every single, minute detail of their lives with their "friends."

You know who these people are. 

I kid you not I read two status updates about poop. These statuses were not referencing babies and they were not posted by dudes. What the what?

The details people share aren't even the worst part. I love (can you feel the sarcasm crawling through your computer screen?) people who get all hot and bothered by their "friends" being all up in their business.

Uhm, hello. If you don't want people up in your private business... Don't write it!

I also get quite a chuckle out of those cryptic status updates that leave readers chomping at the bit to hear the rest of the unfolding drama. I know a few girls who are particularly good at this and my guess is that they are literally dying for attention.

It's like a soap opera. "Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of when Susie dumped Billy..."

Finally, you gotta love the lack of sentence structure, punctuation and grammar. I just want to slap these people with an English book. I went to school with a lot of these people - I know they are educated!

I just tried to write a giant run-on sentence with poor punctuation and grammar... And I just couldn't do it.

Maybe I'm being overly critical, but this stuff just bothers the you-know-what out of me. I am certainly not perfect and am likely guilty of sharing stupid status updates too.

The easy thing to do would be to deactivate my account, but then I couldn't check to see the photos my sister-in-law posts of my ever-growing nephew.

Maybe a good, hard reevaluation of "friends" is in order.

Tell me, do you have any Facebook pet peeves?

Take Luck,


  1. When I graduated college, the first thing I did was go through my facebook and unfriend all the people I didn't talk to anymore or knew I would never keep in touch with. It took a long time but now when I log in it's info about people I actually care about! It makes everything so much less annoying!

    1. That is a great idea. Every once in awhile I unfriend people, but I think I need to take a harder look :)

  2. DITTO! To tell you the truth, I don't miss my Facebook at ALL. The worst part is that when friends post pictures, they have to send me the "share" link to see them--but that's the only downside. I don't miss it at all; it's glorious.

    1. I did notice that you were no longer a Facebooker :( I may be following soon!

  3. The grammar on Facebook, social media & in life in general annoys me to the point of screaming. I can't stand to read things in "texting language". Really, it's that hard to type a full word? You have to use just one letter or leave all the vowels out to save time??? Don't even get me started on "their vs. they're vs. there", "it's vs. its", "hear vs. here" & "whose vs. who's".

    1. I am so happy I am not the only one here. I just kills me, and I know my grammar is not perfect (the it's/its gets me good). But seriously, people!


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